Fast & Cheap: E-Bycco E8

The E8 from a budget brand called E-Bycco is probably the fastest ebike I’ve received that costs under $900. It features a battery on frame design that is a bit dated but if you want power and range in a basic package thats what the E8 delivers.

It feels like a cheap ebike however especially when you hit higher speeds, the whole ebike just rumbles and rattles. Its a lot of power on a thin frame (weighs only 55 lbs).

The battery is big 48v 17.5ah, and the motor is a 750 watt with good torque. Tires are hybrid tread 29×2.1 inches with mechanical disk brakes. Only has a 42T chainring so there is lots of ghost pedaling. The brakes are the worst part, they take some effort to grip and stop the ebike.

Its not an ebike I would buy but if you are stuck in a budget and want to go fast you have few options in the market.

You can buy it on Amazon for $799 or their website for $899.

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