Heybike Launches eBikes in Best Buy Stores

Heybike, a popular eBike brand, is launching an assortment of affordable eBikes in select Best Buy store locations and on BestBuy.com. A limited selection including Tyson will be available in the stores, with additional models, including various styles and color options will be available on BestBuy.com.

“We at HeyBike are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative series of folding e-bikes in select Best Buy stores. This milestone signifies a momentous step forward for HeyBike as we continue to revolutionize urban mobility and expand our reach. By partnering with an industry leader like Best Buy, we’re confident that our e-bikes will empower even more customers to experience the freedom, convenience, and sustainability of HeyBike’s cutting-edge technology.”

CEO of Heybike Jason Fang

The availability in select stores will allow riders to come see and check out the e-bikes firsthand, and get expert support from Best Buy’s Blue Shirts while they shop.

Geek Squad can also safely assemble and help riders fine-tune their bikes, at the convenience of their own home. Those services include adjusting brakes, seat height and handlebars.

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