Himiway Rambler Review: Comfortable Cruising Ebike

Himiway has made its reputation by selling long range fat tire ebikes. Many of their models feature 20×4 or 26×4 tires with big batteries. So their new Rambler ebike is a step in another direction for the company. Fortunately, they designed it well.

Himiway Rambler

At a cost of just $1,299 the Rambler is one of their most affordable ebikes and comes in two upgraded designs including a high end mid-drive version. For comparison sake I think the Rambler compares with the likes of the KBO Breeze, an ebike I reviewed last year. Overall, I think its a better ebike than the Breeze.

Rambler Specs

The Rambler comes in 3 colors: Mint Green, Gray and White.

  • Battery: 48 Volt 15 Amp Hour
  • Motor: 500 Watt with 62nm of Torque
  • Range: 55 Miles
  • Top Speed: 20 MPH (class 2)
  • 18 Amp Controller
  • Tires: 27.5 x 2.4 inch
  • Mechanical Disk Brakes
  • 180 mm rotors
  • 7 speeds
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Large front headlight
  • Swept back handlebars
  • Standover height: 19 inches
  • Min Seat Height 31.7 inches

The Rambler weighs in at just 61 pounds which make it agile and easy to store.

For me the big headline with the Ramble is its ergonomics. It is one of the more comfortable riding ebikes I have tested to date (I am 6 foot). The swept back cockpit allows you to ride more upright and the agility of the ebike makes it a breeze to maneuver.

So it’s a good value in my opinon for just $1,299. I wish is had hydraulic brakes but otherwise don’t have too many complaints about this ebike. The upgraded versions cost $1,499 and $2,199 respectively.

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The $1,499 also gets you a rear rack and taillight which the high model is the mid-drive with torque sensor, higher top speed (25mph) and rack.

The Rambler comes with a 720Wh portable battery with 21% higher density and 21,600 cells, enabling you to enjoy a longer journey up to 55 miles. It would make a great cruiser-style ebike for most riders who value comfort over speed.

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