My Lectric XP Hydraulic Brake Upgrade is Complete

I got my Lectric XP 3.0 back from Velofix yesterday they did the install of the new hydraulic brake calipers that Lectric gave to existing customers. It cost me $200 which is the only negative.

Lectric eBikes introduced hydraulic brakes on its XPremium eBike in 2022, and is now expanding the same technology to the XP 3.0. Hydraulic brakes use less friction in the stopping process since the brakes do not need a cable to function, resulting in a more stopping power when compared to mechanical disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes also apply an equal amount of pressure to both the inner and outer brake pad, providing elevated control.

All new XP’s now ship with them which make the XP the best value in todays ebike market.

The new brakes are the brand NUTT.

“With the added advantages of hydraulic brakes, like increased stopping power, more responsive braking and less maintenance, we believe the XP model will remain the best pound-for-pound eBike in the industry,” said Robby Deziel, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Lectric.

With the install kit came a new front tire with slimmer rim. The existing front rim was too wide for the new calipers so I ended up getting a new tire which is just an extra bonus.

Lectric really takes care of their customers and this is yet another example of them going above and beyond.

My Lectric XP Brake Upgrade
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