I found the lowest priced fat tire ebike ever!

The Onebot T6F is the lowest price ebike I’ve ever seen for sale online. Normally you don’t see fat tire ebikes that are under $999. But this one cuts a lot of corners to get to the low price of $629.

It only goes 15MPH so its only for the casual ebike rider. The motor is only 350 watt. But it is a decent looking ebike with mag wheels and can be folded up for easy travel. The brakes are soft but if you just need something basic you won’t spend a lot.

LINK on Onebot $629

AMAZON: https://amzn.to/3NMiZx0

Features include;

-20×4 fat tire with mag wheels

-15 MPH top speed

-6 speeds

-Mechanical disk brakes


-350 watt rear hub motor

-Half twist throttle

-Front headlight

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