My New Hitch Ebike Rack: QuikrStuff Mach2

I unveiled my new ebike hitch rack on the channel this week. It’s quickly become a favorite of mine compared to my previous cheap rack, the KAC one I bought via Amazon. That one only supported 60 pound bikes and was beginning to rust after 1.5 years of use.

The QuikrStuff Mach2 was a pricey item costing me $699 for the single track + $249 for the ramp + $30 for two tire straps. With tax that’s over $1k but it is a rack that should last for years compared to cheaper ones on the market.

As an ebike review channel I have lots of different ebikes, some weighing as much as 112 pounds which means I need a heavy duty ebike rack to transport them. What’s great about this rack is that it can support ebikes up to 120 pounds and its trays hold any tire size.

Best of all its made in the USA, built in a small factory in Colorado.

The Mach2 is both modular and portable. Thanks to its tool-less install I can easily remove the rack when not needed. It folds and stores perfectly in my garage.

And the rack simply attaches to the main tray for travel. You can purchase a second tray as well and it simply attaches the the first one. They even claim you can fit 4 bikes on it though in the picture on their website they show 2 kids bikes on the outside next to two adult bikes.

The two arms that hold the tires are adjustable with a simple screw on tire holder. I can even adjust it down to fit different tire sizes, especially my ebikes that have fenders. The additional tire straps I bought help to keep the tires stable when travelling.

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I have used it a dozen times or so since I received it in October and am completely happy with it. Wait times are about 2 months to get one however so you will have to wait a bit to receive it after purchase.