Urtopia Launching New Carbon Fiber Ebike

Urtopia, a company that specializes in lightweight carbon fiber ebikes is coming out with the Carbon 1 Pro for the U.S. market. A new video showcases the ebike.

I previously reviewed their original carbon fiber belt drive ebike a few years ago. It was one of the lightest ebikes I’ve ridden to date and you can watch that video here.

The new Carbon 1 Pro is supposed to be more comfortable and more powerful. From what I can see it definitely improves on their first model. It was designed by a former engineer at BMW.

Carbon 1 Pro Features

-Puncture resistant gravel tires

-More power, more range

-Torque sensor

-Accessible battery

-Hydraulic brakes

-Integrated smart handlebar with fingerprint unlock

-Voice control, bluetooth speaker and more.

The frame looks much the same as the original but many of the components that round out the ebike are new and improved. The price is around $2,500 so its going to cost you a few bucks for all that technology and lightweight frame.

They are also launching a dual motor called the Fusion GT.

Learn more about Urtopia.

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