Vvolt Centauri Mid-drive Ebike Review

Vvolt makes a variety of ebike models featuring belt drives for mess-free durability, hydraulic disc brakes for powerful and consistent stopping, and robust motor systems built to last. Vvolt electric bikes are compliant with the Class 1 standards used by most states, offering pedal assistance up to 20mph.

Their mid-motor models can be modified to Class 3 e-bikes by upgrading the onboard computer to a model that unlocks top assisted speeds of 28mph. And it is currently on sale for just $1849, a great price for a mid-drive road ebike.

Thats what I have on mine as indicated by the read display panel that shipped with the Centauri that came to me for review recently.

The range of the Centauri is 15-40 miles, the mid drive motor power is 350 (650 peak) watt, with a top speed of 26MPH and it weighs just 51 pounds. Comes in step thru version as well.


Enviolo hub

Way better than derailleur gearing. With the Enviolo internal gear hub, just twist the shifter to find your perfect gear. There’s no such thing as a “missed shift” with this step-less system that provides a wide gearing range. Unlike derailleur gears you can shift anytime – while pedaling, coasting or stopped! And it ever needs adjustment unlike a derailleur.

MPF 6C motor

The Centauri uses an MPF mid-drive motor with all-metal gearing in an oil lube bath. It has 350-watt nominal power and 650-watt peak output.

Overall, mid-drive ebikes offer a number of advantages over hub motor ebikes. They are more powerful, efficient, and versatile. However, they are also more expensive and complex.

  • Better performance: Mid-drive motors are located in the middle of the bike, near the pedals. This allows them to take advantage of the bike’s gears, which gives them more torque and power than hub motors. This makes them better for climbing hills and riding off-road.
  • More efficient: Mid-drive motors are more efficient than hub motors because they don’t have to work as hard to turn the wheels. This means they can get more range out of a battery.
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Speaking of the battery…

* Mid-motor battery

375 Wh standard battery provides 15-40 miles of range depending on terrain, assist level, and other factors – an upgraded 500 Wh battery is available. All of our batteries are removable and can be charged on or off the bike. My bike has a 36V 13 AH battery located in the down tube.

* Class 1 or 3 controller

Vvolt mid motor bikes can be configured with a Class 1 or Class 3 controller.

Our Class 1 controller will provide motor assistance up to 20 mph, while our Class 3 controller will provide motor assistance up to 26 mph. 

Mid motor display

The handlebar display has 6 levels of assist plus walk mode, a backlight and USB power-out. In assist mode 0 your Vvolt can be ridden without motor power, just like an analog bike. In assist mode 5, you’re getting maximum power. Track trip distance, total mileage, and view the motor watt usage.


Hydraulic brakes paired with 160mm rotors provide solid stopping power

Centauri tires

27.5” x 45mm tire with smooth tread for fast-rolling on pavement. Wide enough to tame bumps and offer increased tracking on gravel or hard-packed dirt

Gates belt

Carbon reinforced belts from Gates® last longer than chains, operate quietly, and don’t require grease — no more unintentional chainring tattoos!

Make the Mid-Drive Case

Having grown up with mainly hub drive motors this was my first experience with a mid-drive. If you like to pedal then this would make a great first ebike. The Centauri would be the perfect transition into ebikes for a road biker.

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Plus its virtually maintenance free with the belt drive and Enviolo twist shift. You will certainly lean forward on this ebike but if you add an adjustable stem like I did you can bring those handlebars up towards you about three inches.

In my range test I got about 30 miles riding it in PAS 3/4. Not bad for a 36 volt battery. But I would not call it a long range ebike by any means. Its great for those weekend trips for doing 10 – 20 mile rail trail rides and burning calories.

Learn more about the VVolt Centauri.