What’s Up With Ebike Brand Names?

If you look at the long list of ebike brands on the market you will notice a weird pattern with many of them. 

Their name.

You know the ones I’m talking about….Engwe, Bakcou, Haoqiebike, Eunorau, Eahora…these brands are hard enough to spell let alone being able to pronounce.

Even the easy ones like HeyBike or Bee Cool seem a bit corny dont you think? Bee Cool does make cool ebikes (with 21ah batteries) but do they really have to say it in the name?

Ebike companies need to get a little more creative with their names in my opinion. Especially if they want mass appeal among U.S. consumers.

Look at some of the more popular ebike companies today and compare their names.

  • Aventon
  • Lectric
  • Rad Power Bikes
  • Sondors
  • Himiway
  • Blix
  • Juiced

These brand names are easy to pronounce, spell and sound like an actual ebike company. They are simple to understand and unique in their own way. Is it a coincidence that they are popular e-bikes? No.

Of course you need to put out a good product which they do, but the name of your brand still needs to appeal to ebike buyers. These brands do that and more.

The problem with the strange sounding brands seems to be that they are being started by Chinese companies with little experience marketing in the USA. I’d argue they need to do a little more marketing research when it comes to naming their brands. 

Even the best products won’t sell if you can’t pronounce it.

Whats your favorite ebike brand name?

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