My 2022 Ebike Awards

I’ll be doing a video on this but I’d like to give some shout outs to ebike companies for a banner 2022 year. So what follows are my own ebike awards for various categories. This list is purely subjective based on my own personal experiences with these ebikes. 

So don’t knock me if you disagree. In fact I’d love to hear if you think there are better winners than what you see here. Here goes…


To my knowledge this accessory is the first of its kind to compliment an ebike, in this case the Mokwheel Basalt, which launched in 2022. It features a fold out solar panel and 1000w inverter/power pack to charge your ebike or devices from the sun. And it attaches to the ebike for easy storage while on the go. Such a great idea!


Power, speed and range! No other ebike I’ve tested offers this combination for less than $2,000. The Kepler is absolutely the best newcomer to the ebike world in 2022. It could even be considered for my ebike of the year. It’s that good. If I had to commute to work this would be my ebike of choice.


No surprise here. No other ebike offers the features and functionality of the XP 3.0 for just $999. The fact that Lectric improved it and DID’NT raise the price is further proof of its value to potential buyers. 500 Watts, foldability, better seat, grips, brakes, motor. Need I go on?

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The UNI4 (formerly U4) from Honbike is one of the best 36 volt ebikes in my opinion. And they are making a name for themselves when it comes to design. Their folding ebike is completely unique looking and appeals to the most design minded rider.  

The UNI4 which I tested this summer is a belt driven road style ebike which pushes the limits of ebike design by using 3 metal tubes to create a truly unique frame. It looks like nothing on the road and weighs just 44 pounds. I’d love to see if they could bring a 48 volt fat tire version to the market. 

In a sea of copycat ebikes the team at Honbike deserves a lot of credit for thinking outside the box and creating ebikes that stand out. Though their performance leaves something to be desired, I’d encourage them to keep trying new designs.

Runner Up: Velotric Ebikes


No company is obsessed with customer service like Lectric Ebikes based in Phoenix, AZ. And their commitment to affordability makes them the top choice for company of the year by far. I’ve seen them up close, met the founders and love the way they operate. Having bought multiple ebikes from them (they’ve also sent me free versions) I think I have a good perspective on their customer service excellence.

Runner up: Electric Bike Company


I debated this one a lot. At first I thought the Kepler should take the crown. After all it is a more COMPLETE ebike by all accounts.  But the more I thought about it, I think the XP Lite is a more ground breaking product. 

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It is such a fun and very affordable ebike at just $799. So I think because of the price, styling, portability and the company behind it, the LITE deserves to be recognized. 

IF I was buying my first ebike today it would be the XP Lite. It can travel anywhere, comes in four awesome colors, is highly customizable and provokes only fun when you are riding it. The fact that it only costs 800 bucks is the icing on the cake. It blows away any other ebike at this price.

Lectric surprised everyone with the XP Lite and the more i ride it the more I love it. It’s the best entry level ebike in history. I think it should attract a lot of first time ebikers and that’s why its my ebike of the year.

I reviewed over 20 ebikes this year so this is not a complete tally of all the ebikes in the market but I hope it serves to give new buyers something to think about as they look to buy their next (or first) electric bike.