The Best New Ebikes of 2024

Well its a new year in the ebike world and a number of brands are introducing new models in the market. Here’s my picks for the top new ebikes coming in 2024. I’m sure other new models are coming as well but these are the best I’ve seen so far.

1. Lectric XPeak

Lectric wants to own the 26×4 fat tire space and the new XPeak is a good start towards that goal. For $1,299 it offers a lot for off-roading. Features include a 750 watt motor, a $400 front RST shock with 80mm of travel, EMTB rated, and backed by the best company in the business. 1310W of peak power combined with their Stealth M24 technology delivers a 400% quieter motor that’s built for the long haul with a 48V, 14Ah UL 2849 compliant Lithium-Ion battery. I’ll be reviewing the XPeak in February. Order yours here.

2. Urtopia Fusion GT

This is the coolest commuter style ebike I have seen to date. It will feature dual batteries and dual motors. I’m told it will start shipping in July. The Urtopia website has a signup from to get alerted but not many details yet about this super commuter. They also are coming out with a new carbon fiber ebike as well you can read about here.

3. Van Powers GrandTeton

The mountain bike, GrandTeton, will be ideal for adventure enthusiasts with a hunger to conquer any terrain. With a powerful 130Nm motor and torque sensor, it offers a thrilling and effortless ride experience at speeds up to 20mph. Designed for long-distance journeys, the GrandTeton boasts a removable 692Wh lithium-ion battery, which can provide a range of up to 110 miles (180km) when combined with an optional power bank. Looks to be a mid-drive motor. The paint job is gorgeous. No word on specs or pricing yet.

4. Goat Power Bikes Billy Goat V2

This may be the must have ebike for 2024 with its 60v/20ah battery and rugged good looks. It can hit 40MPH thanks to a massive controller. I love the look and the mag wheels. Price is $2,099 and will start shipping in March. Order yours here. Use code CHRISCROSSED for 10% off.

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Just look at these specs;

  • 2,000W constant motor (roughly 2,600W Peak)
  • 110nm of torque
  • 60V 20AH Battery
  • Range of 50 Miles (Pedal Assist Mode) or 28 Miles (All Electric Mode)
  • Max speed of between 40-50MPH (dependent on rider weight and terrain)
  • 50A Controller
  • Full Twist Throttle

5. Himiway Cobra Pro

The new version of the Cobra Pro comes in at $3,999 but damn its a looker. Clean lines, black & white paint job, 4.8 inch wide fat tires, dual suspension and huge battery make this thing the ultimate off road adventurer. Power comes from a 1000 watt mid drive alongside a 48V 20Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery. It weighs 88 lbs and will come with 48V/30A controller. Order it today.

6. Propella Mini Max

The Propella Mini Max will not ship until May but its the coolest little ebike since Lectric launched the XP Lite. It only costs $899 and looks like an electric BMX bike. Weighing in at just 38 pounds it will have a 550 (peak) watt motor, a throttle and 20 x 2.25 inch street tires. Battery is 36 volt with LG cells. Learn more.

7. Segway Xafari

The Segway Xafari boasts a state-of-the-art design and performance enhancements. Engineered to tackle the toughest terrains, it promises an unrivaled adventure for enthusiasts craving the ultimate ride. Its enhanced intelligent power adjustment system dynamically responds to real-time user status and environmental conditions, ensuring seamless support for riders. With all-terrain tires and a full suspension system, it claims to deliver SUV-like comfort alongside unbeatable versatility. Its not for sale yet but it looks to be an awesome ebike. Will come with 750 watt motor and 913 Watt-Hour High-Energy Density Battery.