Took My XP Lite to NYC on Train

A few weeks ago me and a buddy took our ebike on the train to NYC (Metro-North) to do some riding. The Metro North trai cars have two bike hangars located behind the bathroom cars. On the way in the train was full so we couldn’t use them but I was able to on the way back. They fit my 20 inch wheels just fine though my friend could not fit his 29 inch EMTB on them so he had to stand with the bike for whole ride.

It was a car free day on Broadway from 46th to 17th streets. We did that pretty quickly, then took 6th ave up to do the loop at Central Park, then headed down west side highway to battery park then headed back to pick up a 3:07 train.

My XP Lite which has a second battery, did 25 miles and had 40% battery left so it handled it easly. It was easy to manuver around parked cars and crowded bike paths.

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